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Hawkeye has terrible fashion sense.

And maybe that's why we love him? Or maybe we love him *despite* the fact that he's an eyesore half the time. It's not his fault, he's just Hawkward. That being said, let's relive some of his worst choices (and pray he learns from his past mistakes).

The weird pirate boots.

Who knows where he found those in purple? Side note: why does he have a loin cloth ON TOP OF HIS PANTS. Seriously Hawkeye, what were you hiding there?

The 90s.

With those stripes pointing directly at his crotch, I can only assume he was channeling Lady Gaga before she was cool.

The vest/skirt combo.

Some guys have what it takes to pull this off. With Hawkeye, all I want to do is pull this off him and give him something warmer to wear.


They say "no news is good news", but no uniform is probably just as bad as a terrible one. Seriously there's glass everywhere in that panel, it's probably very dangerous.

At this point, it seems like his best uniform is "clothes".

At least it saves us from the second-hand embarrassment?
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I don't know what's worse the loin cloth or the he-man look.
The 90's looks like a Cyclops x Gambit crossover suit.
I'm dying at his arrow in the skirt combo picture. Ooooh boy.
@purplem00n23 @jibarito @danidee personally I'm a fan of the "naked" look XD
@shannonl5 馃槀馃槀 fair enough