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Ok, I’m going to disclose something to you before I start this. I love Spotify. No really, I stream music at work, on my phone, and I just love that I can listen to one song and bounce from artist to artist.
I can consume all the musics I want. I can make curated playlist with my friends. The algorithms that Spotify built to help me find the music I like.
That being said, I felt a little awkward and bad getting the app. Yes, I’m paying for the service, but I am not paying for the album, the song, etc.

It makes me hope that the artists are getting the money and recognition they deserve.

Case in point... Taylor Swift.

The biggest standstill for me was when Taylor Swift decided to leave Spotify saying that it drove down her album sales. But: In response, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek pointed out that the company had paid $2 billion in royalties since she was still getting the money. She was still getting recognize monetarily for her album.

But the number we are still focusing on, the number we continue to focus on, is album sales... and that’s why I think Taylor is staying away from Spotify.

So maybe the way we praise artist for their music should change...

They way we are consuming music is changing.

We need to start recognizing not only album sales, but also streams and viral hits! Music is online now. And say “hello” to the streaming music world.

What do you think Vinglers? Is Spotify taking advantage of the “stream” system or should we start changing how we think about music?

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Here's my two cents. Anyone in the entertainment industry makes tons more than I will ever see through many more anvenues than just album sales. Many are good at what they do and in my personal opinion are well compensated for their talents and hard work. Spotify and other companies pay royalities for the ability to play the music and making a scene to remove yourself from any of the now preferred methods of listening to music would be ludicrous. I have nothing against Taylor and I think for the most part she's a great person; it just comes across as greedy sometimes when someone with a status like hers gets upset about losing money when majority of the world will never see it. I think due to the technology shift, it may very well put a lot of entertainment professionals into a smaller income which in my opinion is acceptable. I don't feel bad because I still pay for a service and they are still getting money. Just because they were the big money makers doesn't mean it always has to be that way.
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@nicolejb yeah I normally use Itunes and I normally prefer to buy full albums
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Totally @TessStevens! And I think there are quite a few people like you out there... you and @GalenUnleashed2 like to hear the full album and that’s how you consume music.
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I’m the same way too @Sorrelfire! I also like to collect songs and curate specific playlist for it. That’s more like my thing :D
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Yeah, @zavire24 it did come off as a little greedy considering she is probably one of the best-paid entertainment artists right now. So it should seem like big deal in sharing her music so more people can listen. But I wonder how streaming works for indie artists, like do they get the same amount of exposure/royalties! That’s my only worry about Spotify Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)
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