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Notice the similarities in the photo above?

Of course you do. You have eyes. (If you don't have eyes I'm sorry for accidentally calling you out, but really why are you using this app? There's like, a bunch of picture-based humor here.)
In any case, what you're looking at here is this: The left image is the cover for one ofChris Brown's newest singles "Zero". The image on the right is from the manga City Hunter, which ran from 1985-1991. (It was also later adapted into a K-Drama)
The similarities are undeniably clear. What isn't clear, however, is whether Brown and his business people are going to credit the image as an homage of some kind or just try and take credit. As of right now, no artist is credited with the image.
That being said, knowing Chris Brown, he's probably going to claim sole ownership of the image.

The man has no personal integrity, why should he have any artistic integrity?

Is it wrong that I want him to be sued over this?
This pisses me off (♯`∧´)
Wow, it's like he didn't even be original...or at least just use it as a muse not just tweak/add 3 things and call it a day.
@BAKERR3 it's amazing how he's not sued
@Priscillasdoor I bet you still like Bill Cosby, too...
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