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We are at WAR Marvelers!

What's getting me through the battle? Today: Coffee! I promise, I also eat real food. And I make myself a pot of coffee every morning, but on really long days I treat myself to Starbucks midday.

What else do I like?

I'm really into comics (not just Marvel, but also DC, Valiant, and Top Shelf). I love all kinds of music (every genre: hip-hop, classic rock, jazz, punk, pop, showtunes, country, metal... you name it there's probably some musician or band I love). I'm all about Shonda Rimes. I really like anime too! I like to say that I'm a fan of fandoms, because even when I'm not interested in whatever people are excited about, I get caught up in their enjoyment.
I'm ready for the War. Are you Marvelers?
It's not comics at all, but mine would have the Borderlands symbol on it ·3·
Totally COFFEE! That and regular exercise. I ride between 10-20 miles/day M-F on my bicycle - in all weather - and then I do 50-60 mile rides on Saturday and Sunday. Cycling is the force that keeps me moving forward and coffee is the glue that holds me together. :D