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You're alone. you feel like nobody cares. Every day is a new battle, whether it's between a parent, a friend, or even yourself. Deep down you're screaming for help, but not a word comes from your lips. One day, after a long school day, you decide to just end it all, end the pain, end the hurt that you can't explain... you're at home and no one is around, it's the perfect time, you're sick of the pain. You grab the rope and tie it to where it needs to be, you grab a camera, and push the record button and start to speak. "mom, dad, I'm sorry, this is not your fault. I just wanted to say I'm sorry for anything I've done. I love you all, just remember that." Then, a million memories race through your mind as you stare at the red light on the camera. Moments later, you kick the chair, and you're out...just like that, it all came a crashing halt. Hours later, a friend calls your name, you left the door unlocked, but you don't answer...not a single sound. He opens your bedroom door talking about his new phone or one of his friends hating theirs, but then he pauses, he gasps as he sees you swing back and forth on a rope. He dials 911, your mother comes home and sees the paramedics take her son off a rope and put you into an ambulance. Your mother can't stop crying, your friend is still in disbelief of what he saw. Later, at the emergency room, the doctors finally tell your mom and your friend "I'm sorry for your loss" ...your mom can't hold back the tears. she thinks... only if she didn't get so angry at him... your friend thinks that only if he could be there and tell you that he still cares before it was too late. months later, your mom still sits in your room and cries, your school is in shock, you thought no one cared, that nobody noticed you... the thing is, people never show that they care until it's too late. By: Austin S Mildebrandt.
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this is really deep and I could only hope that any one who is contemplating suicide could read this and hopefully see that people do care. well written