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Does anyone else remember Chatroulette? That was a horrible, horrible experiment that just resulted in male genitalia, am I right? But anyway, what started out as a prank to weird out people who were trying weird out other people (I guess? I'm kind of surprised that people actually still use Chatroulette), turned into one of the more fun ideas ever sprung on the Internet.
RealmPictures's connected with unsuspecting Chatroulette users and made them the player in a real-life First Person Shooter. They'd chat with who they'd believe was wearing the helmet camera and tell him what to do in the space he was in. And the space I'm referring to here, is actual space. Like on a spaceship. I'm sorry, I could've broken the news a lot better than that. That was... a little clunky.
The fun in watching the 12 minute video is seeing the way people react to the experience they're about to have. The video is cut in a way where you can follow the narrative of the "game" but it cuts between every different player so you can see their reactions to/decisions in each moment.
It's also really great to see how people who, at first, seemed like they weren't into the idea of controlling space-guy-man type slowly became very interested in the pseudo-story of the game. It was really interesting to see how people willingly interacted with their game (I'm sure there were some people who disconnected and then edited out of the final product).
I also like the way they're pushing the medium of video games. They essentially made something a little more interactive and a little more social than sitting alone and playing a video game. RealmPictures have even bigger plans as well, they plan on making a full level 3 that is actually a game that has a real story. And player decision will weigh heavily on the outcome... I think. I'm really unsure of how it will work but I'm excited to watch the video when they finally put it out.
Also, if you're interested in playing Level 3, instead of going on Chatroulette, they have a Kickstarter that's running through this December and a PayPal page where you can donate money to them. And if you donate a dollar, your name will be entered in a pool where they'll select 50 names randomly to play the game with them on a private call. The more you donate the more times your name enters the pool. It's a cool idea, especially since they're not really trying to raise too much money, after watching their Kickstarter video, it seems like they were going to make Level 3 anyway.