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This is the only drama I have ever marathoned...and I finished it in 1.5 days

I'm not a huge fan of the characters cause I thought the leading guy and girl were a little stupid, but hey, its a classic K-drama, right?!

What did you guys think?

💖I love this drama. It was my third Kdrama and it is still one of my favorites👍I honestly love the characters personality and on the whole, the drama was hilarious and romantic. My sister and I also watched it as a marathon because Kim Hyun Joong was my first Kdrama bias after watching Boys Over Flowers. I rewatched the dramas twice already. I would recommend it to everyone.
It was my first drama, my introduction to the DARK SIDE and I regret nothing.
Oh my god! I loved this drama!!! I've seen it so many times and I never get enough haha
It was definitely one of my faves just because it was so funny. But I was kinda mad because I had serious 2nd lead syndrome XD
omggg 1.5 days... i cant do that, how the heck did u manage to do that???😲😲 and i loveee this drama so much... i dreally enjoyed watching it ❤❤👌 "recomended" for people who didnt watch it yet 😊😊
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