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use short grain rice next time
the rice is the hard part but if you got that done one easy tip for forming the rice into a nice triangle shape is to use sandwich bags (not zip lock) shove rice into the corner and make a pit. add filling and cover with more rice. then just used your hands to press it together into a decent triangle shape. the bag helps to make smooth edges then carfully peel away the plastic bag and add your nori if desired(I don't care for it so I eat it from the bag.
that sounds awesome thanks man. my onigiri came out rough but it was really worthwhile. I was thinking about adding small portions of curried chicken to mine next time I make it.
I learned how to make onigiri not too long ago and got it down pretty good. if you want any tips just ask me I'll be glad to help. I even have some pictures of my onigiri if it would let me post it in the comments I would...
I thought they were sweets to begin with ^-^
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