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I've been here a while and I've made a few comments but I realized that I haven't introduced myself yet, so here it goes!
MisfitMashup here! If you'd like you can call me Dan (I don't care which one you call me). I like anime, video games, to write, and a plethora of other things.
If there is anything I don't like, it is when people take my stuff without permission (especially food).
So I hope that I can enjoy this app to the fullest and make some friends of you amazing people of the Vingle community.
Bye!! : )
Welcome and enjoy the community! ^^ I also get angry when people grab my food.
@RosePark Thank you and I know right?! You don't mess with other people's food, it is an unspoken law of the universe.
@MisfitMashup Exactly! I cant stand people who do that or bother me when im watching anime (I get red eyes if they do lol)
Lol I've haven't even seen, some of these anime.
wats the name of them