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So this new boy group VAV finally released the mv for their song Under The Moonlight and I am not loving it.
This song gets a No from me and just hear me out.
The boys are cute and seem like they can sing and dance well but this shouldn't have been their début song.
First it doesn't sound like they can hit the high notes well when they sing under the moonlight or many parts of the song for that matter.
Second, the rap sounds a little odd and strange to me......I can't quite put my finger on it but I just wasn't feeling the rap.
Third,the melody was horrible. I know some songs are made to sound that way and they are good but this one wasn't right. The boys should file a complaint on their agency for horrible debut management.
Fourth, I understand the song is supposed to be a bit creepy with the whole vampire/werewolf theme going on but when they started that whispered/talking singing thing they did in the beginning, I just wasn't feeling that either.
Simply put I don't think the boys were handled right for their début. The song wasn't right for them at all but I do believe (unless I'm proven wrong) that these boys did in fact work very hard to make this song their own but it just didn't work on my ears.
As for the mv, it was a bit.... anyone think of EXO VIXX....any previous boy group ever actually. The mv seemed unoriginal but that can't really be helped but I am still willing to blame it on poor management and lack of innovation.
But the mv was good I liked it and I think they did well....
On a side note I will continue to keep my eyes out for these guys. They may have some hidden potential that has yet to be released. I am debating whether I like BaRon or StVan better though.....
What do you guys think?
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@electica Can you tag me in that card too, I wanna give them another chance.
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I easily could like this group with another song choice. By using a similar theme as to both Vixx and EXO they don't have their own flair. I also think the song itself wasn't edgy enough to go with the theme. Their choreography and vocals were good though.
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The song choice was definitely terrible. I need to hear something else by them.
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@electica tag Me too plz☺
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