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We all know the struggle. "WHAAAATTTTTTT?! HOW IS IT OVER? THAT WAS MY FAVORITE SHOW! WHAT THE HELL?!" Well I can fix that. Here are three animes that you should watch (or even binge watch) right now @hikaymm
Noragami This anime is full of action and comedy. It's also still... ONGOING. So while you can watch the full first season its second season isn't done yet. This anime is hilarious but can be very serious at the same time. Not to mention the opening. THE OPENING FROM THIS ANIME IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES. THE SECOND SEASON HAS A GREAT ONE TOO! I would recommend this to any otaku in search of a new anime or any new anime watcher.
Death Note Ahh Death Note. This is the anime that got me into watching anime. If you haven't watched it I do not know what you are still doing here. GO. QUICKLY. This anime is finished and on Netflix (Thank you Kira). It is a little bit dark but that makes it all the better. You will fall in love with the characters (especially L, whoa mama)
Aoharu X Kikanjuu (or Aoharu X Machine Gun) One of my friends introduced me to this anime soon after it came out and we both loved it. It reminded me of Ouran High School Host club honestly. I actually cosplayed as my favorite character, Yukimura, on Halloween. This show has a lot of cliffhangers. (which makes it perfect for binge watching) I hope you love this anime as much as I did. By the way the endings for this anime are beautiful.
I've actually never seen gurren lagaan or rwby but I've heard that they're excellent
what? no gurren lagaan? or RWBY
Call and complain!
I was actually supposed to get a Ryuk sweater, but It never came :(
Or Ryuk, for that matter. The guy is obsessed with apples, for crying out loud. Lol
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