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Do you ever feel like you have no one to talk to? Like you are all alone in this big, crowded world? Like you lost everyone and everything? Well, I don't want to make fun of this problem, because I know a lot of us actually felt like this at some point. But isn't it important to find laughter and positive side to situations like that? So, this is something for you. Floor is always there. *I hope you don't take this too serious. I am sure I brought a smile to at least one sad person today :)
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My heart is so warm with the thought of the floor being there for me when I need it to be.
It should be :) @danidee 馃拑
aww take care of it then, don't fall in case it breaks down :P
Now if floor was more warm and soft :/
that's why we have carpets and floor heating :) @CamelliaC