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At some point, you'll eventually get tired of logging onto all those dating apps you have downloaded to your phone. You'll reach your breaking point and want to actually meet some one the old fashioned way. I mean, don't we all?
It may see, rather difficult hoping and wishing you randomly bump into the person of your dreams on the subway at 7AM rush hour. But, anything is possible -- right? Love is out there, you just have to find it or in other words, let it find you. If you're not sure where to start, keep scrolling for some quick, easy tips to land you in the arms of Mr. Right this holiday season.

Tip #1: Take A Class

No, I don't mean go back to school. Take an extracurricular class. Several sites including both Living Social and Groupon offer a plethora of fun, hands on classes that are perfect for singles including cooking, painting and even pottery classes. You never know who you might meet while getting your Pablo Picasso or Martha Stewart on.

Tip #2: Keep Your Groups To A Minimum

When you hit the town with a huge group of girls, it's more intimidating for guys to approach you. There are so many women to choose from, what makes you think that you'll be the first person they try to approach?

Tip #3: Host Your Own Kick Back

Instead of attending someone else's get together, host your own. Tell your friends to bring their friends and their friends to bring their friends. You get the idea. Keep it real low key and chill. You never know who you might meet.

Tip #4: Focus On Yourself

Usually when you focus on yourself and put others on the back burner, you'll bump into that special person. Those least expected moments are the best moments.

Tip #5: Make Sure You Have A Social Life

Who doesn't love being a homebody? We all do, but putting yourself out here every now and then will help you more than it hurts you. Enjoy yourself.

Ladies, put those Tinder and BAE apps to rest.

Use these five tips to your advantage and you'll find what you're looking for.
:D @jordanhamilton You know what I'm doing this weekend, girl! ;D
great thinking! I agree, the less the more merrier it is and the higher the chance of being approached by mister prince charming and like you said, his wingman can easily approach your friend. works perfectly if you ask me! @allischaaff
Ooooo tip #2 doe!! i've been going out with just one other close girlfriend, and it's had two effects: one, I have the time of my life, because our going out styles are just so complementary and we like all the same things, and two, I've been approached by more guys than ever before! When there's just two of you, you're in the perfect formation to be approached by a guy and his wingman. I think guys go out in twos a lot more often than we think!
let me know how your weekend venture goes! ;) @allischaaff
Ooooo tip#2 doe!! I