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I can't help myself! I'm just not ready to stop talking about baseball.

I'm so excited about the way the Mets played this season. For the first time in as long as I can remember, I have legitimate playoff expectations about next season.
The Mets saw a handful of their players enter free agency after the World Series: Jerry Blevins, Yoenis Cespedes, Tyler Clippard, Bartolo Colon, Kelly Johnson, Daniel Murphy, Bobby Parnell, and Juan Uribe.

What might the lineup look like when it's all said and done?


I don't think the Mets will resign Daniel Murphy. I'd like them to, but I think he will command a higher price than the Mets will be willing to give him, especially given his World Series performance.
There's a shot they could retain Yoenis Cespedes, whose asking price will certainly have dipped following his terrible postseason.
Here's what the lineup could look like. I'll assume they don't manage to get either of those guys, which is possible, but if they don't get either I expect them to sign someone else to be a power bat. Let's call this a worst-case scenario.
RF Curtis Granderson
3B David Wright
LF Michael Conforto
1B Lucas Duda
C Travis d'Arnaud
CF Juan Lagares
SS Wilmer Flores
2B Dilson Herrera
Herrera could be ready to go next season and appears to be the second baseman of the future. I think the Mets will try to upgrade in center field - again, perhaps with Cespedes - and SS. Ian Desmond of the Nationals is a free agent and might be a perfect fit.
You'll also notice that I put Michael Conforto in the 3 spot. I love this kid and think he could explode next season despite his young age. He's the future of this team's lineup, no question about it.


This is where things get really fun.
The rotation is pretty much set in stone and will only fluctuate a little bit as the team waits for Zach Wheeler to return from Tommy John surgery, which he will be expected to do sometime in the early summer (likely in June). When he gets back, this team is going to be close to unhittable every night of the week.
I don't think the Mets will resign Colon, as they have Niese to make starts until Wheeler is ready. He's a solid enough veteran to anchor this staff if need be.
SP Matt Harvey
SP Jacob deGrom
SP Noah Syndergaard
SP Steven Matz
SP Zach Wheeler
Spot starter: John Niese
The bullpen is almost impossible to predict. Familia will be the closer, that's for sure. After that, who knows? It was the weakest part of the team during the playoffs (especially in the World Series when it was compared to the Royals' pen, the best in baseball) and they will certainly need upgrades. Resigning Jerry Blevins would go a long way - he's a great lefty specialist. But further upgrades are necessary.

What do you think? Is Conforto ready to anchor the lineup? Should the Mets bring back Cespedes? Murphy?

Yes to Cespedes and No to Murphy. The pitching's definitely going to be top class next season! Really expecting a lot from deGrom and Syndergaard!
sounds good so far