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November is all about warmth. That comfy, cozy prelude to the Winter months ahead. The air is chilled and it's also holiday (craze) season!
Whether you're getting married this month in November, or you're going ALL-OUT for your Thanksgiving spread, here is some great inspiration for your color palette for florals: Orange!
Before you turn up your nose about orange flowers, the trick to pulling off the color orange is to texturize and accessorize. By texturizing different floral types along the same color tone, you will get a sumptuous effect. By accessorizing with crystal, gold (or other metal finishes) with fine linen and flatware, you're elevating the event to something really special. It's not going to look like a blop of orange flowers on the table. It's going to look classy.
If you are the decorating/crafting type and love to get busy with florals, I would like to recommend A Floral Mart to you as a resource. Not everyone is lucky to have faux floral and foliage resources like those of us who live in LA. For that reason, you can find incredibly priced florals that LOOK AND FEEL LIKE THE REAL THING through A Floral Mart.
Previously, I shared how you could create a stunning bridal bouquet for under $13 in another card, which you can see by clicking here. And it's all about using faux florals!