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@BlackoutZJ The first picture is one of my recent onigiri ' s when I had nori. The second picture is my very first attempt when I didn't have nori. how does it look to you?
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the first try I did half with eggs(didn't work dry foods done stick) and tuna. now I always do half tuna (with a little mayonnaise, and the other half shredded chicken with a little mayonnaise and whatever balance of hot sauce or Sriracha to get spicy xhicken. the mayo is basically a bonding agent to help hold it together.
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Not bad sounds pretty good if you ask me lol I'm also gonna try to make omurice soon as well
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Oh they are delicious.
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when I made mine I didn't think of using mayo my rice was pretty sticky enough
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So was mine but I realized without something like that the onigiri breaks apart really easy and it gets a no ying to eat.
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