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Naturally the best time to strike is when you have the element surprise, but that isn't always an option. In combat test your opponent steadily observing their stance and movements. Undoubtedly they will mess up and put too much weight on a foot slowing them down, over extend, become predictable, and so on. Stay light footed wary of your own stance, be tight in your movements, and mix up your moves. Try stepping into a cross block and unleash devastating attacks or continue the block into a throw or pin. Always keep in mind your own limits and fight accordingly. If an opponent has more endurance use more of his movements against them. Fighting lager opponents make them work by using the sweeping cross block to burn them out and quickly strike from behind.
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true is lil high, I study kung fu. I see this good chance see similarities and changes from different styles. Help ppl understand no one style is correct, it depends on the person
also add boxing and 52 blocks
@carnagerabbit @Kenjutsu101 My Master teaches a style he created mixing aikido, American, Tai, Japanese, and a few other styles. Though I haven't reached my black belt yet I'm still working on it. If their are any mistakes or variations in styles please do comment. I do rather enjoy learning the difernces in techniques and I am no master so I'm certain a mistake or two will be made along the way.
if I can find a way we will discuss and show other ways accomplish these tasks
@@carnagerabbit that would be intense xD