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So you guys ever have those moments where anime teaches you something? well here's one for you. Sora taught me that racism should no longer exist. In the anime, No game no life, Sora looks upon Imanity (the equivalent of humanity) as one race. The human race. When you think about that, a color of someone's skin should no longer make any of difference. We are all human, and therefore we should be working towards one goal together, and to me, that goal is to be United as one. What has anime taught you? let everyone know in the Comments below!
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@littlemaryk you could not have said that any better, I could Not agree with you more
Kirito from Sword Art Online taught me that no matter how difficult the world may seem, it's always worth it to keep trying and never give up.
DeathNote taught me that no matter how twisted and evil the world may seem, everyone sees things differently. There's very few times where good and evil is black and white, even when dealing with a crime as straightforward as murder.
Lol that last one sounded wrong... well, I'm a Shinigami. What're you gonna do?
fruits basket has taught me that no matter how ugly and scary a person may be, a little bit of kindness and love goes a long way, and if you care about someone, never give up on them. when kyo became his true form, tohru was still by his side, regardless of how scary he looked. I would love to be an onigiri