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(This review might have spoilers, you have been warned.) (As this is my review, this is my view on the anime and is fully my opinion) Btooom! Takes place on an island in which the characters who were the best of the game of the same name were taken to said island to play the popular game but in real life. And if a player manages to obtain 7 gems, then they can leave the island safely. Problem is. Each gem is embedded into a player, and the player (I think) has to be dead in order for it to be removed. - Btooom, was really one of those types of anime that a lot of people missed and overlooked. This particular anime was recommended to me by one of my good friends who at the time was watching Btooom.
I was told by my friend that; "If you Like SAO, you'll like Btooom!" And although I loved SAO, I was not watching Btooom! on this recommendation alone. After reading what the anime was about it threw me off as to how my friend could compare the two. (Besides it being a death game of sorts) -
When I watched Btooom! I honestly wanted to see more of the characters maybe in an afterstory like clannad but with the characters of this anime. It's honestly been a while since I've seen this show so I don't completely remember the names of the characters.
I do however remember each character having a different style of combat, each one either teaming up with others or even stealing each others nades after they removed the gems from their enemies. (remember I forgot what everything was called) I also liked the different types of nades people had on the island. Each one was different and unique and did something different.
This kid specifically creeped me out when I first saw him in the show.
I really liked the style the anime went with, the art style specifically was great. Now, I've heard that the manga is much better than the anime but most of the time I prefer the anime.
Now I know this has been a super unprofessional, super patchy review but I don't remember much from this anime. It's been while. All I can remember is that I really enjoyed this anime and would gladly rate it 7/10 Snowballs. I remember really liking this anime and wishing there were more.
This concludes my review. And I hope you enjoyed the read. Comment below which anime I should watch/correctly review next! - (I won't do the huge neverending anime's unless you give me an end like episode 1 to episode 30 or something. because I refuse to watch 400 episodes of one anime just for the sake of a review. Sorry!)
@VinMcCarthy yes I have. but it's been a while.
@VinMcCarthy will do!
hmmm well I'd say review that or maybe parasyte
have you seen FLCL?
I'll make sure I check it out