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We don't typically ask our boyfriends for fashion advice.

Most of men wouldn't even know the difference between a jumpsuit and a jumper. The thing is, we don't really expect them to. Getting dressed in the morning is kind of our time to ourselves where we get to choose who and what we want to be for the day based on our attire. Before I speak to soon, allow me to back track. Although asking our manly partners fashion advice more than likely wouldn't be at the top of our list to do, it seems like men might know a little more about what women like when it comes to style than we give them credit for. Take fashion editor, Hannah McKinley for example. She's a fashion editor, of course she knows a lot about style and what's trending. But even though this happens to be the case, she decided to do a little fashion experiment and allowed her husband to dress her for one full week. I know, talk about a long time. Before you burst into tears from the horrifying idea, allow me to reassure you that it turned out better than you think. To see how Hannah's husband dressed her from Monday to Friday, keep scrolling.

Monday: "Blazers Are Better For Meetings"

Tuesday: "This Outfit Needs a Pop of Color"

Wednesday: "You Can Wear a Crop Top to Work"

Thursday: "Where Are Your Work Dresses?"

Friday: "You Didn't Just Wear What You Wore to SoulCycle"

Ladies, what grade would you give Hannah's husband?

I think he did a pretty amazing job.
To be fair he probably had a lot to work with! I like Tuesdays outfit the best :D
he probably has more style then most women I know.
I feel like her closet is probably so full of cute things that it would be almost impossible to make a crappy outfit lol.
haha, I was thinking the same thing @prgurl4u2envy
Nice job!! :D
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