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Move over Tinder there's a new app in town.

As much as you love swiping left and sometimes right, it's getting kind of played out. It's time to branch out and try some new dating apps that might give you a little better luck. If you happen to be the kind of girl who rather dabble on her phone when it comes to finding love instead of meeting the guy of your dreams in person, that's fine.
It's literally the norm these days, so no judgement at all. But if you're still using Tinder, BlackPlanet and OkCupid to find prospective dates, it's probably time that you uninstall those apps and replenish your phone with some new ones. Change is always good, right? Well, keep scrolling and see for yourself.

Dating App #1: Happn

The great thing about this app is that if you happen to cross paths with another happn user in real life, they immediately pop up on your app and you are given the opportunity to spark up a conversation once they've liked you back.

Dating App #2: Fliqpiq

This nifty app allows you to video chat with your potential without meeting them for a drink. Because we all know how easy it is to get 'catfished' these days. Fliqpic makes it extremely hard for that to happen by allowing you to see each other in real time before you decide to make them yours.

Dating App #3: Bumble

This app is extremely clever making it all about the women. In order to meet your match, the woman must first spark up the conversation. Ladies, be bold. We're so used to waiting for the man to take the lead, here's our chance to show him who's in charge.

Dating App #4: Once

If you've ever had a Tinder than you know how overwhelming it can be to get message after message and keep up with them all. Thanks to Once, you're given the chance to choose just one match for the day and decide if you'll make a move or not. If you choose the latter, you'll have the opportunity to choose yet another match in 24 hours.

Dating App #5: Score

Think 21 Questions in app form. If you've ever had an issue coming up with questions to ask your potential beau, this app does all the work for you by compiling quirky and emotional questions for your match to answer to help you figure out if you're compatible or not.

For all my online daters out there, would you try out any of these apps?

@jordanhamilton I gotta try this. thanks for sharing.
reading this makes me nervous. 😧😧 i want to find love!!!! I want to be normal
haha, I def think love is possible depending on the two people and their intentions @Sadik
you are very welcome!!! @Cereal03
that makes two of us!!! @Kamiamon in due time :)
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