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So thank you again to @AimeeH for making and tagging me in this! I've said before that I love these screenshot games made by @AimeeH. So onto the story... *Skip if you don't want to read* It was one hot sunny day in mid August. My best friend, Kwangmin and I were chilling out in our local park. He was not himself and was barely talking unlike what he is like usually. Kwangmin suddenly turned to me and told me he didn't want to be friends anymore. I was stunned. I asked him why he said that all of a sudden and if he was joking it wasn't funny. He said it wasn't a joke and that he found me frustrating and didn't want to be around me anymore. I could feel the tears wanting to spill out from my eyes. I got up quickly and ran as far as I could from Kwangmin. I didn't know where I was going I just ran with no direction. I then felt something hard bump into me. I wobbled backwards but luckily didn't fall backwards. I muttered a quick 'sorry' and tried to walk away as quick as I could as I wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone. 'Hi Becki.' I looked up not wanting to make eye contact and saw I had bumped into my crush Hyunseong. Even though I had bumped into my crush I was still in a hurry to get away. Hyunseong stopped me in my tracks by saying that he wanted to take me out to get some ice cream. I told him I was fine but he said he was taking me anyway. He grabbed my arm before I could get away and dragged me to the ice cream parlour. We both got the same flavour (strawberry) seen as I didn't really want to talk. We sat down at an empty table and he asked me what had happened for me to have such a sad look on my face. I told him I didn't want to talk about it. Hyunseong then randomly blurted out that he liked me and asked me to be his. I stayed quiet and just looked at the table. I guess he took my quietness as being a yes. So we started dating. Hyunseong was always popular and girls would come up to him non stop. He of course declined their confessions and told them he had someone already. *Skip a few months later* After a few months of me and Hyunseong being together something happened to the both of us. I was still loving to him and gave him everything but he drifted away from me until one night he sat me down and said 'Its over between us.' That night my crush and boyfriend, well now ex boyfriend, broke my heart into a million pieces. Kwangmin had not spoken to me since that terrible day but I still try to contact him. Kwangmin had a twin brother called Youngmin who I was not that close to but we were friends. Youngmin called me one night and heard that I had been crying. He came over in a rush as he was worried about me and when he walked into my house he stared at me in shock. I asked him what was wrong. He told me I had lost so much weight and looked terrible. He could see I hadn't been eating much or sleeping much for that matter. He went into the kitchen and started to cook something. It smelled yummy. He told me it was ready and to come sit down. I just sat at the table and stared at the plate in front of me. Youngmin then picked up a spoon and started to feed me. It was very cute and kind of him to do that. However seen as I hadn't eaten well in the past few days my body rejected the food and I later threw it back up. *Skip another few months* I had begun to eat more and gained my weight back. I had also met Youngmin's friend Donghyun. We had been talking to each other and he had gotten so obsessed over me that he had to know each and every thing I did throughout the day. If I went out he would have to come with me. It had got too much for me when one day we went out (well I went out he followed) and he just randomly kissed me. I stood there frozen not knowing what I should do. It was so out of the blue. It had gotten very awkward between us so we went our separate ways. *Skip a year* I had gotten closer to Youngmin and stopped trying to contact Kwangmin. Donghyun had not spoken to me after the incident with the kiss. I had met a guy called Minwoo whilst I was out partying with my friends. We had gotten close to the point where we were like brother and sister. Minwoo was always very protective of me and always looked out for me.... just like an older brother. Youngmin had told me one day that he had written a song for me but it wasn't from him. It was from my crush/ex boyfriend from long ago Hyunseong. Youngmin said that the song was a sort of sorry for what he did and what he put me through. Youngmin told me he kept in contact with Hyunseong and told him all about what had happened after he broke my heart (not eating/sleeping). Hyunseong got worried about me and actually still had feelings for me. I did too but I hid them from everyone. We told each other our feelings and started dating again. I hoped it wouldn't end like last time. *Skip 2 years* 2 years into Hyunseong and I's relationship he popped the question to me and we are now happily married with children on the way (twins to be more precise.) -The end- thank you for reading my story. I know it is very long.. Thank you again @AimeeH for this!
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@beckiboop1996 That's awesome! see, you have what it takes! ^•^
@AimeeH well there is still more to improve but im getting there
@beckiboop1996 Exactly. As I said that's all it takes!
But Kwangmin though XD