First off, I am so sorry this is so late!
Second off, WE HAVE MADE IT.
After five rounds of this bracket, and a really close finals round, we have found the "best" aka the K-pop Vingle Communities' FAVORITE RAPPER.
Cause really, they are all the best. We are all the best. 내가 제일 잘 나가.
Anyway, now that that song is in my head for eternity,
I should probably let you know the winner right?
We had a total number of 54 people vote (yay I love you guys) and the winner came away with 22 VOTES!
So lets say a quick WE LOVE YOU to our second placers who tied at 16 votes apiece,
and say hello to our favorite rapper:

Kwon Ji Yong AKA G-DRAGON!!!!

GD is one of two rappers in insanely popular second generation idol group BIGBANG and also a very accomplished solo artist and composer.
Many of you guys in the comments talked yourself out of picking GD as the ultimate rapper because he is TOO well rounded. He has become so successful and complex in music style, it is a little hard for us to think of his as just a rapper anymore.
He still raps in many of his songs and has a flow and style that started a wave of idol rappers that tried to possess that very unique air that GD accomplishes so flawlessly.
For this celebration card,
I am going to treat it as a playlist card, putting different videos of G-Dragons songs and performances for you to enjoy and watch this playful master do his thing.

Thank you all again for voting and CONGRATULATIONS GD ON THE WIN!

Let's hear some music eh?
*none of the videos or gifs I have or will use are mine*
*also I mostly used his solo stuff outside of Big Bang because idk I do what I want*
We are going to start off with a playful G-Dragon.
These songs show off his playful and cunning lyrics, his ability to not take himself very seriously, and his flow.
I only include live versions because I just love his stage presence when he is really on and feeling the crowd.
1. Crayon, at K-Con 2014
2. One of a Kind, K-Con 2014
He is fiesty, smart, and a our favorite rapper here on vingle!
Now let's slow it down you guys.
Generally GD has a more fly rapping style, very stylized and hyper but any good GD stan knows that he can strip it back, maintain a slower groove and still kill.
3. Black, featuring Jennie Kim on Inkigayo
4. Missing You, featuring Lydia Paek
He has swag for days!
GD, as we saw in the last two songs I included, plays extremely well with others.
Although it is said he is a pain in the butt to record with, especially on his songs because he is such a perfectionist, he lends his talents to many other individuals creating amazing shared masterpieces.
5. Taeyang's Stay With Me, featuring G-Dragon on the verses on Inkigayo
6. Niliria, featuring Missy Elliott who is literally the boss and a huge pioneer in rapping for women.
7. R.O.D featuring Lydia Paek, and this song is one of my personal faves off his latest album.


Our beautifully talented winner of the male rapper bracket:
I'm going to close with my personal favorite song by him that he has ever done.
8. Crooked, from K-Con 2014
This song sounds playful, but the lyrics are anything but. He emotes extremely well and everything about this song, from the catchy hook to his stylish raps in the verses work seamlessly to create my favorite GD jam.

What is your favorite G-Dragon song/rap and what is your favorite Big Bang GD rap???

Congratulations again Ji Yong for winning our Rapper Bracket!
I'm sad TOP didn't win.. But GD deserves it so it's good!!
@baileykayleen You could do it that way, or if there is more than one lead dancer on a group you can make them go against each.
@LauraUrbay that's a good idea! So just one dancer per group, who ever is categorized as the lead?
We should have a lead dancer tournament.
i honestly love all the songs hes ever been a part of. hes an awesome rapper and i hope he continues with big bang ^ u ^
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