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8 Must-Watch Sloth Videos (Warning: Cuteness Overload)
Native to the rainforests of South America, sloths spend pretty much all their time hanging upside down from branches of the tall trees they call their home. They’re well-known for their chilled-out demeanour (fun fact: sloths hold the title for the slowest moving mammal), and you’d be forgiven that they are lazy as a result. Contrary to popular opinion, though, their slowness is a coping mechanism for their nutrient-sparse diet, which consists mainly of leaves, twigs, and dessert in the form of the occasional flower. It’s a unique way of living to be sure, and we’ve barely scratched the surface of how quirky these furry creatures are (did you know, for example, that they poop just once a week!?) OK…perhaps that was information overload, but if you’re as fond of sloths as we are, you’ll be delighted to know that we’ve pulled together eight must-watch sloth videos from the YouTube archives. There’s something for everyone one, including baby sloths, sloth-related parodies, and even videos to suit the creative ones among you, too. Enjoy! 1. Baby Sloth Overload: Is there anything cuter than a baby mammal? We don't think so, and sloths clearly aren't an exception as proven by this video. 2. Baby Sloths Learn to Climb: Considering how much times sloth spend hanging from branches in the tree canopies of South America, it shouldn't come as a surprise that they're pretty good climbers. Check out this video showing just how naturally climbing comes to these adventurous baby sloths. 3. When a Sloth Chases You: While it's true that the sloth in the thumbnail below could be mistaken for having a sinister look, and despite the fact that sloths have huge claws, those are perhaps the only slightly scary aspects of this otherwise cute parody video. 4. What Does a Sloth Say? Is it a squeak? Is it a cry? We're not exactly sure what we'd classify this sloth's vocal outputs as, but whatever the answer, it does nothing to detract from its cuteness. 5. Sloths Sing the Game of Thrones Theme: We're not sure who woke up with the thought..."Wouldn't it be awesome to hear the Game of Thrones theme tune squeaked and cried by a host of sloths?" Whoever it was, they deserve a medal for creativity in our eyes. 6. David Attenborough Says 'Boo!' to a Sloth: Considering this video contains two of our favourite things on the planet (David Attenborough and sloths), it was a certainty to end up on this list. Check out what happens when David Attenborough scales a tree to surprise a chilled-out sloth... Spoiler alert: not much! 7. How to Draw a Sloth: You can't call yourself a die-hard sloth fan unless you've tried (and probably failed) over and over to portray their cuteness on paper. Whatever your skill level, this video will have you drawing sloths like a pro in no time. 8. How to Make Sleepy Sloth Cookies: Here's another video for the creative types out there. Why not combine your love of baking and sloths into one cute, edible, and tasty package? There's just one problem the way we see it, though... They look almost too good to eat! *** We hope you enjoyed these super-cute videos as much as we did. If we still haven’t managed to satisfy your appetite for all things sloth, check out this list of sloth gifts for ideas to spoil a loved one (or yourself!). Thanks - Taz & Jay