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This is Difficult..

I have such respect for this man. His talent is immense and the roles he's brought to life are iconic... and in truth all of these things are easily surpassed by his generosity and kindness - if you are not aware of what I am referencing look up Sir Patrick Stewart's work with abused women and children - and his work with combat veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. He is truly a gentleman and a scholar - so this is difficult because what do I call this illustration? He's Professor X - sure. But he's also Gurney Halleck (one of the most important characters in the Dune Universe). There's no question that he's beloved the World over as Captain Jean Luc Picard. Recently he's taken on the role of Walter Blunt on the offbeat dark comedy series "Blunt Talk" on HBO. Some of his less talked about roles - but roles that are notable for being memorable - He played King Leodegrance - Queen Guinevere's father in John Boorman's masterpiece, "Excalibur". His distinguished voice has brought animated characters to life in films such as "The Prince of Egypt" and "Jimmy Neutron"... and he was the narrator "A Nightmare Before Christmas". He's simply one of my favorite actors... one of my favorite celebrities... favorite people. So I think instead of making this illustration about a character - it'll be about him. Yeah. That feels right to me. It should be finished today. Working on the final touches now. The finished card is here -
This is amazing! I adore him. I used to watch Trek with my dad so I grew up with Picard as a huge part of my life. And of course I love him as Professor X, but as I've grown older I've learned to admire the person behind my favorite roles. Especially his work to help victims of domestic violence. It's an incredibly personal issue for him and I appreciate his honesty and- like you said- generosity.
Absolutely brilliant work, btw!
You are definitely talented. Great choice!
Love Sir Patrick!
@shannonl5 @JPBenedetto - Thank you! And I totally agree - he is without question a wonderful, beautiful person. His sharing of his childhood abuse by a father suffering from "Shell shock" - as he explained - the term used for PTSD back after WWII - has been not only inspirational - but extremely touching. He speaks about abuse and the need to help soldiers returning home from war with such sincerity and frankness. There are a lot of things that people who become "celebrities" can do with the excessive wealth and influence they find at their feet - and this man took two very personal causes and has worked tirelessly to try and help... and not for his own fame or for adoration. But because he wants to help other people avoid the pain and suffering that his father experienced and then wrongly projected onto his mother and his siblings and himself. I also love that he's chosen to attack the issue from both sides. He sees the truth in that the solution isn't just protecting spouses and children - he seeks to help the root cause of the issues by helping soldiers with counseling and treatment for PTSD. He's simply a beautiful man. I have SO much respect. He's a fine, skilled, talented, and giving actor. And in this I have to wonder how much of his acting is technique and craft... and how much is simply his own personality shining through. He IS one of my all-time favorite actors.
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