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Soooooooo true........And I know most of you people do this because I do this to,we lied to our teachers that we understand the lesson,but don't really because were to focus on something else...........*Whispers* I know watcha thinking of, you can't find it aaag from meh ((((((MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA))))
When some people try to "Show-off" there Skillz....
*Turns around and walks away*
that's happened to meh once and that was a little embarrassing because everyone stopped at what their were doing and looked at me and I'm like whistling and speed walking away
the last one happens to me so much because I have vixx ken as my ringtone heh
the ringtone one omg that happend to me at work to and my ringtone is Kai saying"Hey Playboy" my coworker says ...um why is your phone trying to seduce me? lmao
@LunaCordero Oh god that happen to me in school too and my friends just stared at me like um what's that and I'm like there like hey they are way better then one direction and I walk away from then,singing to it.