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This is an add-on to the first one I made... haha if you wanna view my first one, I'll put the link down below:
Millianna cuddling Happy, Carla, and Panther Lily Erza: Only one thing I can do for you. HERE! *Erza pulls out Happy from her boobs.. Happy: FEELIN' SPIFFY! Millianna: Kitty Cat.. grin* Ezra: HERE! LOOK! *also pulls out Carla and Panther Lily from her boobs.. Millianna: Lots of Kitty Cat!!! Panther Lily: Hey, we're not stuffed animals.. Happy: Aye, sir.. Carla: Erza!
Levy strangles Panther Lily Panther Lily: I-I can't breathe... Calm down, Levy!
Shagotte hugs Carla *ㅠㅠ
Kagura holds Frosch FROSCH IS SO ADORABLEEE~~~
Happy has hugged Lucy before heh....can't remember when though
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@ARMYStarlight Yeah i know! it was Episode 29 ^^
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😍Haha. 🐸Everyone always loves Frosch so much...🐱"Fro mo so mo!"
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