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Today In Seoul, South Korea, One man was born into this world. He has destroyed many fangirls/boys hearts. He has somehow managed to be the most sexiest person alive without showing Nome of his skin I Am Talking About My Ultimate Bias.....

Choi Seung Hyun(TOP

today is his birthday and really I don't know how to feel. He is turning 27. I'm excited and so happy for him. This amazing guy had influenced so many of us and I'm so glad I am one of them.

A Little History:

Choi Seung Hyun, better know as his stage name TOP, was born November 4, 1987 in Seoul, South Korea. Prior to YG Entertainment, He started out as an underground rapper with GD. GD stated that they use to rap and dance together. Shortly after GD moved away he contacted TOP again and told him that YG was scouting for candidates. TOP unfortunately was denied since the company thought he was too "chubby" to fit an idol!! He then worked out and loss about 20 kg in 40 days(allegedly). He then joined Big Bang and became TOP(his name was given by Se7en), a rapper in Big Bang. His has grown so much and I'm so inspired by him.

Favorite Songs By TOP:

Doom Dada- This song is the beat that kills me every time. I love his singles Oh Mom- I like this so much Turn It Up - I love TOP's singing's so good!!

Funny TOP Moments:

Check them out below!!
He is so funny. I love his laugh also!!!

Happy Birthday TOP!!!!! We All Love You! Relax, Dance, And Party!!!

Aaaaah I started to panic because I thought it was about a criminal or something (wtf) but now I'm relieved that it's about T.O.P.!!! Congratulations, and happy birthday to T.O.P. :)
Thank you for the tag John, this is Awesome!
happy birthday TOP!
I wish him a happy birthday! I only wished he could spend it with his love ones.
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