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a bruise is a stamp on your flesh. a severed chest heals when you mend the wound fresh, a task nonetheless. WHEN INFLICTED WITH CHANGE we intend to forget, we gauge the strength and defiance of our test. perhaps to rely on instinct alone, the steps we take that carry our bones. stress ensued my hair is falling out by the strand, clumps of my life washed away in my hands. THE MADNESS IS SAD and the sadness is mad, together they blend to cancel out all the bad. motion minds muted by wave crash disputes, ALIVE WITH LIFE and paying my dues. shifting winds carry my dreams to each coast, the mind thats been sparked in attempts to disclose. NO FURTHER INFORMATION can be withheld, no longer controlled and feeling compelled. day 10
This is incredibly amazing! Very beautiful.
Well done!
Of course! @ChiefAlphaGoat @ShannonWalker @MooshieBay @baileykayleen @MarySEW @Malexanaomi @rodiziketan check this out you guys, this is really lovely ^_^
amazing. 馃憤
thank you friends. it means so much to me :)
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