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5 Steps
How to make new kpoppers....... Step One: When your listening to kpop make sure people are surrounding you and are quiet. Step Two: plug in speakers and pick the most randomest/recent song you listen to Step three: Dance and sing to it so people can Follow chu Step Four: Once you see people jamming you say "welcome to the dark side" #Just right Step Five: Then everyone lives in happily ever after.........I hope
Don't listen to NON-KPOPPER and KPOP-HATERS because they are fake and they are invisible to you,okay? #Haters #Nojams #Nonkpoppers aren't allow #Smiley face I hope everyone have a nice day...BYEEEEEE!!
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I put my kpop music really high on the bus and people ignore me and don't say i can hear your music for some reason. But this great
Everyone lives happily ever after is more like everyone live in sad crazy bias world for the rest of their lives