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And not just like regular melting in the springs. Full-blown giant glaciers are going away, rivers are being create, and overall things are looking pretty wet for this mostly-white place.
If fully melted, the giant ice sheet of greenland could could increase sea levels by about 20 feet...Yup, 20 feet!
The melting of Greenland is accelerating because with hotter temperatures comes the creation of lakes on top of the surface of the ice, which in turn generate flowing rivers. These rivers find giant holes in the ice, and connect with the ocean through tunnels. It melts, flows, and adds to the ocean water.
In an effort to showcase (and perhaps help the scientists behind this research) the NY Times wrote a beautiful article on the melting ice, showcasing videos of ice and flowing water.
Helped by NASA grants, researchers are worried about the increased pressure in Congress. Where Republican leaders question the “scientific consensus that human activities contribute to climate change."
So why aren’t we giving scientists and researchers money to help study this change?
Well, it seems like giant ice rivers of melted glacier isn’t enough evidence to show we need science and research in these areas. If we don’t start giving them the tools they can to rosearch this, then we are doing ourselves a grave danger.

What are your thoughts Vinglers? Should we use more money and resources on helping understand this problem?

Okay, 1. there's no need for investments, the cause is global warming and anyone out there who believes that global warming is a lie is deluding themselves (nicest way to put it). And 2. before anyone's like "but we've seen some of the coldest winters lately" let me tell you that global warming is a term for the drastic changes in temperature (therefore the fact that some places are reaching record low temperatures means that other places are reaching record high temperatures). Sorry if you think I'm crazy, but it's true. And if you think that 20 feet is a lot, then look at how much the oceans will increase if Antarctica and the North Pole melt too.
The way things are, I think it would be impossible to stop it anymore. Instead, we should research ways of surviving it, while also researching ways of reversing it. It would be impossible to completely cut the need for fossil fuels, so instead, keep using them and begin investing in alternatives.
@nicolejb I don't really get how people can deny climate's science, it's provable, are they all creationists too?
Totally @Polarstar379 I don't think you are crazy at all, I think you are absolutely right. But the scientists need funding to understand it better, and find ways to survive and reverse the effects of it. Because the more you understand the problem, the more you can work to finding how to defeat/fix it. like @Dynamo said :)
@Polarstar379 If people don't think 20 feet is a lot, they should have a look at this simulation and see how much of different cities dissappear underwater at different sea level rises. I live on the beach to be close to the water, not in it.
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