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Seoul Update: Jarvis!!
Okay okay. So me and Jarvis are practically best friends. But EVERYTIME we hang out he has to leave selfies on my phone... I asked him why and he answered with "What? Is my face too much for you?" Like tf Jarvis?! And he finds it necessary to take pictures of me while I'm eating or just sitting there. So basically lesson learned...Don't leave Jarvis unattended with your phone.
*face palm*
See? When I'm not expecting it? Ugh!!
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@nnatalieg When I first met him, I was just casually getting coffee in a cafe and he was standing right beside me. Legit just stared him down because I thought he was Jackson at first. But then I was like I thought Jackson was blonde. I didn't know what to do so I just stood there, mentally arguing with myself馃槀馃槀