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Jimmy Kimmel Asked Parents To Tell Their Kids They Ate Their Halloween Candy
People love Halloween for many different reasons. Some love dressing up, some love the parties, but almost all Halloween enthusiasts love candy.
Kids live for the candy distributed on Halloween. It's normally the only time of the year that parents give their kids free reign to all of the tasty treats their heart desires. Jimmy Kimmel knows the importance of this day to children, and rather then celebrate with them he opted to let loose a prank on kids across the globe.
Every year Jimmy asks parents to send Kimmel video of their kids thinking their Halloween candy was all gone. This years list of videos was unforgettable.
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The Halloween prank is a tradition that has been going for five years strong and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down, as this year Kimmel got a record number of submissions.
That's right over 1,000 parents sent Kimmel videos shattering their kids dream on their holy day. Once you watch the video above you can tell instantly that the pain and struggle from these kids is real.
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