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Had a chance to play Fighting ClimaX.
Of course I had to start with Shana and I have to say, she did not disappoint. My first time playing an anime versus game...not too shabby. I am familiar with most of the characters but have only watched half of the anime they are from so now I have more to add to the to-watch list ○.○ I wanna play J Stars Victory VS even more meow plus I am familiar with a lot more characters on there so I'm soooooo curious *.*
I have J-Stars and I'm an absolute beast with Luffy Naruto Gintoki and Saint Seiya lol
@littlemaryk is it kinda like blazblue then?
Hmmm I have only played the versus mode but it is basically a fighting game with anime characters @VinMcCarthy
is this based on an anime of the same name? I haven't heard of either before
Hell yea that's awesome man! I wanna play so bad, so many cool characters. Its like a versus match come true. Is the game pretty amazing? Oh and how is Koro sensei? @BlackoutZJ
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