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Who would've thought a plate of fried chicken could be so dangerous?

A West Houston apartment that is home to “four or five Cuban men” was the scene of a murder last Friday night and the it appears that a pan of fried chicken was the driving force in the bloody battle between housemates.
Darwin Perez Gonzalez, 34, was found stabbed with a steak knife after an argument with his 38-year-old roommate, Reinaldo Cardoso River, over who got the last piece of homemade fried chicken.
The fight initially started indoors, but eventually moved outside, where several witnesses watched the tragedy unfold.
“There was a single drumstick in the pan,” according to HPD Homicide Detective Fil Waters. “You can’t script this stuff. It’s someone getting killed over a piece of chicken. Pretty tragic.
All of this over a drumstick. Why couldn't they just make another batch?
Seriously though, fried chicken, mustard greens and macaroni salad is my MUST-HAVE cheat meal when I'm working out. I don't mind sharing but don't mess with this combo! And don't let me see you with a leg or breast on your plate if you're not going to eat the bones! THOSE ARE THE BEST PART!!!
Hahaha sounds like you would've fought over chicken too @marshalledgar XD I mean it's not right and people are crazy, but people also take their food very seriously. lol.
i cant believe the dead guy's name was "Darwin" gotta admire the irony there lol
When I first read the title, I thought the story would be from Florida.
Lol. I didn't think about that until now @KevinLangley :(