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Working in customer service is one of the hardest jobs to do.

On one side you work hard to supply the need of the customer. The other side of work is dealing with their attitude while you attempt to provide the consumer with the service. Some customers are pleasant, but many talk down to workers. Whenever I hear someone give a worker a hard time, I wonder "would you talk to this person like this if they were off the clock?"
Today (like every other day) a customer got out of line with a bus driver. He even placed his hands on the driver. Things didn't go as he planned though, as this driver was ready to fight back.

This video is nothing short of primal in terms of the bus driver’s immediate reaction.

The bus driver doesn’t stop after forcing his passenger nemesis out of the bus, as he delivered a knockout punch before he got back on the bus.
The crazy part of this situation is that many people will feel bad for the passenger because he got beat so bad, forgetting that he threw the first punch.
After watching the video fully, do you think the driver should lose his job or get a pass from his bosses at work?
Customer service is definitely tough. I don't think he should lose his job because he was acting in self defense. He had to protect his life. Customers need to understand there are consequences to their actions, too. I can't even tell you how many times I had to file a police report because someone had threatened my life at work (it was policy to do a report). I had one guy tell me he was going to find where I live and shoot me up and the entire company I work for. And I am shouldn't have said that. Now I have to make a police report and get the police to show up at your house. ;___;
woah, @alywoah that's intense. but you are right on that. people really need to understand the consequences of their actions. threatening is still a threat, no matter who you do it too.
that's ass got beat
yikes. I dunno if I can watch this video... costumer service is tough stuff, but I found if you treat people like people than they behave in better ways.