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Hello, I am New here. my name is Carma. lets see... I hope I don't bore you.
I'm really into music, I could never go a day without listening to it. I like punk rock, classic rock, bands like Metallica and more that I can't think of, forgetful much...
I'm also learning guitar, so anyone who can help me with that, that'd be awesome. I'm also into singing, I'm actually in choir and I'm learning songs on my own.
I also LOVE anime. Some of the ones that I like the most are Black Butler, Soul Eater, Fairy Tail, Sword Art Onlile and more.
I'm also almost always drawing. I draw so much that I never know what to draw anymore... if anyone has any suggestions, I might draw it and post it.
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Is that a drawing of Zero Kiryu I see?! 馃榾
@hannah769 yes 馃榾 I got bored and I was watching that anime at the time, I also drew Kaname Kuran, lol.
@carmaa10 that is so awesome!馃榾 you're really talented, I knew that was Zero right off the bat!
@hannah769 thanks, am almost always drawing, I could probably draw him better now, I drew that like two or three months ago :)
@carmaa10 I like drawing too :) and I always think it's fun to re-draw things because you can see your improvement