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Coffee is a very delicate matter for some people.
The tasty morning drink has to be made a certain way for some people to consume. Anything less than the standard they are used to and they have a meltdown. On Friday, the Swiss Water Coffee Studio opened up shop in an abandoned Soho gas station, and internet chaos ensued.

The reason: the pop-up shop, only served decaf coffee.

New York Eater proclaimed it to be the first sign of the cultural apocalypse. One Twitter user compared it to a bar selling alcohol-free wine, while another declared the shop owners to be “the enemies of man.”
"The Man??" Really? Fellow Vinglers am I out of line or are some people taking this too far? Is Decaf coffee a horrible creation of mankind?
Decaf's not THAT bad. I mean, it's worth a shot!
That gif perfectly sums up my reaction: Then what is the point of you?
I feel the same way.. like what is even the point of decaf coffee...we drink it for the car part!
I think that decaf drinks are a great thing. Some people, like myself, that love coffee and tea but can't drink caffeine love the fact that decaf exists.
@nicolejb so's all about those car parts
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