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Lets be real, sandwiches are God's gift to humanity. The standard PB and J, the lunch box wonder of Turkey and cheese, the every so special chicken parm hero; I mean come on THE PANINNI !

You can't tell me sandwiches aren't the actual MVP of food.

So to celebrate National Sandwich are some of the greatest sandwiches of all time.
Enjoy the Food Porn.
Chicken Parm Hero.
Just stare and fantasize about that gooey cheese and hot sauce. And obviously the only place to get one is a pizza place. Duhhhhh.
Spinach Artichoke Paninni
Or just any paninni. If the cheese is melted, you're gonna have a good time.
The Bacon Egg and Cheese
Hangover cure, cheap, and down right delicious at any time of day, this sandwich is better then your boyfriend.
While is is a Ruben (drool) I am shouting out the King of all sandwiches aka Katz Deli! Located in NYC they offer sandwiches that weigh more then a baby...and are much more satisfying then one.
The Tuna Sandwich
Totally underrated and gets a terrible wrap due to its smell. But tuna rocks and can be pared with anything from veggies to fruit! Don't diss the tuna.
Omg....only a few more weeks until this is in my mouth again; The after thanksgiving sandwich! Put every single thing you ate on thanksgiving in between two slices of break. Trust me...if will change your life.
The Grilled Cheese
Because didn't I already cover this....any melted cheese is amazing and this is the Original. Dip it in ketchup...just do it. You're welcome.
The Classic, never to be replaced Peanut Better and Jelly.
Because this is where it all began. I salute you PB and J.
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it is @LizArnone from my favorite laksa place too
Ah.....chicken parm. I could use a cold bottle of Blue Moon and chicken parm right now!
Is there CANDY CANE on that one sandwich/1
yesss to all of this
@mchlyang omg yes. I should not be this hungry right now...