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For all of the athletes and hopeful bodybuilders out there that are *this close to hitting up a friend of a friend who knows someone that can get you steroids, I wanted to share something that you may not know about. SARMS.
Besides being illegal and incredibly expensive, we all know the bad rap that steroids have on your health and it's scary aftermath. But that doesn't stop people from taking them. But what if you could get similar results in a way that is both legal and with negligible side effects? Would you take it?
SARMS is an acronym for Seclective Androgen Receptor Modulators. "Androgens are a class of hormones that serve as ligands binding to cellular androgen receptors. The androgen receptor is involved in a complex signal transduction pathway that ultimately results in greater expression of specific genes. All anabolic steroids and pro hormones offer their muscle building properties through this binding to the androgen receptor."

Benefits of SARMS:

* HPTA suppression may be present at higher doses run for longer time periods, however a stringent PCT of prescription SERMs like Nolva or Clomid may not be necessary.
*High oral bioavailabilty without significant damage to your liver as with oral steroids/prohormones.
* Great for body recomposition
* Great for endurance (aerobic or anaerobic)
* Joint healing abilities
* Anabolic even at low doses
* Great for strength
* Great for lean mass gains
Have you seen my 30-Day Body Challenge? That was almost two months ago. You can see it here.
Although my before and after shots (30 days apart) are hardly incredible, I have a plan for where I'd like to see my body transformation take me. And that pathway leads to the guy pictured here. That's Matt Ogus. Incredible physique. Hard working. No excuses. And he enjoys cheat meals!
After a lot of time researching steroid alternatives and things like HGH, I settled on SARMS because they are easy to use, extremely flexible with where I am and what I'm doing. Plus, the negative side effects, such as vision impairment and hallucinations are not permanent.
What are your weight lifting goals? Do you have a goal? Mine is to hit a level like this (Matt Ogus) in three years. I think it's doable...what do you all think?
I purchased my SARMS from Pure Essence Farms. I spent over $300 for a 12-week cycle. That's a lot of money. Let's hope it yields astonishing results. I will let you all know when I start and will be documenting my before and after of this.
dude lol. @marshalledgar ...I've honestly tried natural supplements like CLA, fat burners, and the (gasspp) Hydroxycut -- I won't say I would never do them again, honestly. They helped. And they helped a lot. But I don't think I would do anything that would really fuck up my vision and make me see floating lollipops lol. .....but ah yes vanity. As much as I have been a slob for the past god knows how long, i know I can't keep up with it -- i miss my body.
@alywoah lololol your comment made me laugh so hard! !! vanity vanity...the things we do (I do) for beauty...
"the negative side effects, such as vision impairment and hallucinations are not permanent." That sounds kind of scary to me. But I do hope the best for you. What kind of level is Matt Ogus at? Next month I will be back to working out consistently. I am probably not going to be lifting like I used to because I don't want to pay for a gym, but I will be back to doing bodyweight exercises, sprinting, and I am going to buy some weights (dumbbells, kettlebells).
I get what you're saying. A friend of mine is a natural bodybuilder. He's been doing it for a million years and looks killer. I am a bit late to the game and need all the help I can get. I'm not competing or anything like that, so taking alternative supps is fine by me. For all the bad about SARMS, and there's not much to speak of, none of it's permanent. Worst case scenario is that I wasted $300+. @mchlyang Now...if after 12 weeks I look CRAZY GOOD, then maybe you'd be interested... lol
Interesting read. I dont know how I feel about these supplements though. They may be legal.....but I still like to take natural things.