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Many assumed things were on the down trend when Cipha Sounds left Hot 97 when in reality things were just getting started.
While hosting the morning show on Hot 97, Cipha Sounds had established himself with the New York City comedy scene through his weekly improv series “Take it Personally,” which frequently featured rappers and hip-hop personalities as guests.
After he left, Cipha let it be known that he would look to expand the improv series reach and touch new fans with the show. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ciph and Tidal will be producing the stand-up comedy series No Small Talk.
Five episodes will be available to stream through Tidal today, Nov. 3, with new episodes released each following Tuesday. The first episode will be made available to non-subscribers as well.
The show will join Money & Violence in Tidal’s stable of original programming. Jay-Z is focused on proving that Tidal can separate itself from the other music streaming platforms. Cipha is hell bent on proving he can be a force in the media world away from radio.
The dynamic duo made a huge statement by letting loose this joint venture today. I can't wait to see where this goes in the future!