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Day 2 is least favorite character. And mine is Jellal. (I'm excluding characters who are purposely annoying like Ichiya and stuff since those would be easy choices.)
Some of my hate for Jellal might stem from the fact that everyone ships him with Erza and I do not. Don't get me wrong, I thought Jellal was a great villain. And in fact Tower of Heaven is my favorite arc. I just hate that he had to come back as a good guy. When a villain is done so well they should stay a villain. He can return as a villain or help the heroes for his/her own agenda. I'm just annoyed every time he comes on screen and wish he would die or something. If any character should die in the series I think he should be one of them. It would make a lot of sense anyways.
So that's my least favorite character tell me some of the characters you hate in the comments below! Have a good day! Ja ne
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Jellal is hot.
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I did not like the fact of Jerza too.
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Same!!! I dislike Jellal too. I mean everyone hypes over him but to me he is very cliché and I honestly just can't see Jerza in any way... I don't think I'll ever be able to ship it because she is too independent and he's the stereotypical “charmer." (No offense to those of you who like Jellal and Jerza, I was just stating my opinion.)
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I dont like that one girl in the Thunder Legion or Angel (Angel's story was just weird that's all).
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