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First off, I am so sorry this is so late!
Second off, WE HAVE MADE IT.
After five rounds of this bracket, and a really close finals round, we have found the "best" aka the K-pop Vingle Communities' FAVORITE RAPPER.
Cause really, they are all the best. We are all the best.
I should probably let you know the winner right?
We had a total number of 35 people vote (yay I love you guys) and the winner came away with 19 VOTES!
So lets say a quick WE LOVE YOU to our second place winner who came away with 16 votes and let's say hello to our favorite rapper!


Amber Liu is the rapper (and amazing singer say whatttt) of popular SM girl group f(x). She has recently come out with her own solo album 'Beautiful'.
Now Amber started out as a singer, as she auditioned for SM as a singer. But, to round out f(x), SM saw that she had the ability to be a rapper and thus started training her in that aspect.
Amber is very active on social media, with her YouTube channel "What The Pineapple" with her friend Scott. She also hosts A Song For You and occasionally shows up on After School Club to help her friends Eric, Jimin, and Kevin.
I think what made Amber win this bracket is her amazing ability to connect with us.
Sure, she isn't the most skilled rapper of all time, but she has a way in her delivery and her confidence that make us love her regardless of what she does.
So let's celebrate our lovely Llama rapper Amber!
For this celebration card,
I am going to treat it as a playlist card, putting different videos of Amber's rapping, which will include many songs she has done with others, and videos made of compilations of her raps in various f(x) albums.

Thank you all again for voting and CONGRATULATIONS GD ON THE WIN!

Let's hear some music eh?
*none of the videos or gifs I have or will use are mine*
Let's start off with her work with f(x)!
Amber has grown so much as a rapper since the start of her k-pop group debut, and has been given more parts and love as time has gone on.
Here are various compilations that people have made that highlight Amber's parts in various albums.
1. Compilation from 4 Walls, although I don't think the creator captured every rap she did.
And Amber sings ALOT this album, but once again, we are focusing on her flow and style in rap here.
2. Compilation from Pink Tape, quality is a bit choppy but it gets the job done.
3. Compilation from Red Light, same quality as above video.
Amber is such a dynamic and vital part of her k-pop group and she brings even more awesomeness and rap swag to a group that is already filled with awesome.
Now to focus on her rapping with others.
Amber is such a force in the k-pop industry in that she seems to be friends with everyone, and is extremely unique so that many people want her on their tracks or want to perform with her.
These three tracks are not her songs, but where she either featured on the track or did a stage.
4. Gain's Apple, which originally doesn't have Amber but she performed with her on Music Bank
5. Henry's 1-4-3, in which Amber does the rap towards the end of the song adding some rapping flair to a very upbeat pop song. Their friendship is amazing.
6. Ailee's Letting Go, which features Amber as a rapper throughout the song. Amber and her friend Sean(I think is his name) helped create this song for Ailee.
That wink, enough now. Enough.
Last few songs I am including are Amber, Luna and Krystal together in which Amber is featured as the rapper. Now Goodbye Summer with D.O also does this even though I didn't include it.
7. Beautiful Stranger, which is my favorite f(x) song of all time. Amber's rapping is really good in it and I like the blend of English and Korean here because it always seems so flawless with Amber.
8. The second is One Love, a video I just found when looking up Amber videos and I am very much heart eyes for Amber in it. It is definitely older and her rapping is a little underdeveloped but she has grown so much and she still kills it here.


Our beautiful talented winner of the female bracket:
Let's close with an amazing live performance of her debut solo single!
9. SHAKE THAT BRASSSSSSS featuring Ailee! Bonus Uptown Funk afterwards if you are interested.

What is your favorite thing about our favorite rapper Amber and what is your favorite rap done by her?

Congrats again Amber, we love you!
congratz to amber for winning she deserves it!
I love that Amber won but its too bad for CL either way Amber's talented, cool, fun, and weird. And my favorite from her is shake that brass
@shantalcamara yay I'm glad you enjoyed the bracket! And I agree, her Uptown Funk was super enlightening on some words lol. And I remember when I first discovered 143, I immediately fell in love with that song and her rap.
@MorleeCorielus I love that she is interested in creating music as well as performing it! Also it gives me the warm fuzzies that she helped write a song for her friend Ailee.
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