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You see, I'm a fan of Day6, so I find some random facts on them (mostly Jae and Brian) (Not all facts are 100% true, since they may be rumours or maybe slightly off) Some are common facts, some aren't so common.
I'll put everything in one thing other than pictures... -Jae has an email called -Jae had a Twitter @jaeparklb and a Facebook /jaeparkmusic -He lived in Long Beach and attended Cal State Long Beach University -He made the ship name "Jaehyungparkian" -Young K lived in Canada, and was in a band (made by friends) called KMESS and 3rd Degree -You may see KMESS mentioned in Young K's posts -KMESS stands for Kiss Me Ever So Softly -3rd degree included Terry He (YouTube star), Don (EX JYP Trainee), and Brian Kang (Young K) -3rd Degree disbanded when Don and Brian left for Korea -Brian liked hamburgers, and is nicknamed Burger King by his friends -He made a promise with Terry : "Meet you at the top" -It's still ongoing (they're so cute omo)
-Terry and Young K say "mag" to each other -When someone asked Terry what mag is, he replied that "maglev" is hard to explain, and someone should ask Brian in an interview -In Young K's part of the "thanks" part of the photobook, he included "#KMESS4LYFE magggg" -Brian had a YouTube channel called "o0BrianLife0o"
-I ship Terry and Young K in a BROTP -Junhyeok's sister posted Junhyeok performing on YouTube (Junhyeok prob doesn't like showing his face so his sister did it) -Day6 members said Wonpil does aegyo a lot (have you seen Wonpil looking totally adorable?) -Sungjin appeared on "Hidden Singer" (A show where they try to imitate someone else's voice and people guess who's the real guy) (In this case it was JYP)
That's all for now! Maybe I'll post more when I found out more things. Any other things u guys know about Day6?
I know some 😍 Jae has a youtube channel too called "yellowpostitman" he made a cover song in that channel And I found that oppa voice in wondergirls song called "oppa" is wonpil's voice kkkkk [written in the album]
You might already know this but Jae participated in a singing contest called "K-pop Star" and before debut Young K was the rapper for one of Baek ah Yeon's song.