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It is officially the fourth in the US of A and I want to give shout out to my bias of all biases. My own personal bias wrecker (even though he is my bias) Choi Seung Hyun of Big Bang. Oppa I love you so much and I hope you continue to grow older and wiser and bestow your wisdom on your Instagram account which I am happy you finally have.
생일축하해요 오빠
So here is a little back story.
Born November 4 1985. Seung Hyun has an older sister that looks like a beauty. Like having a doll that you shouldn't play with but admire and keep clean. A mother that exudes elegance from all of the stars, the moon, and the sun (and looks exactly like her beautiful son). And a father that has an overwhelming flow of charisma that sweeps you away with one look.
Before entering YG, TOP was a chubby little cutey that did underground rap. Let's not forget again that TOP and GD grew up in the same neighborhood (or so the story goes, I don't remember clearly) and upon GD entering YG and hearing of Papa YG's plans to start a group, told Papa YG of his childhood friend TOP.
TOP and GD used to dance and rap together, I believe while GD was training or before GD started training. TOP went by the name Tempo at the time.
Alas poor oppa was deemed too fat to be an idol but oppa was determined and lost 40kg in a month or so.
Now despite the ridiculous and unhealthy diet oppa went on, because of his determination we now have the man before us: Choom TOP, Bingu TOP, Tempo, Tabi......
Oppa has thus brought us his infinite knowledge on art and pretty much anything weird and random. Yet oppa continues to find the beauty in them. Makes the weird a little bit more normal and tolerable.
Here are some mv's of TOP oppa
And some more
And some more
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Love this card! He's my inspiration to get where I want to be fitness, career, and the person he is today! ♡