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Now you got your lover and how you met, let's see what was your first day and did some lucky girls get a first kiss!! REMINDER: once you pick a flower you cannot change it back. So Let's Play Lovers With GOT7 Part 3 Results!!
#3 bonus
#6 Bonus
And Yugyeom scores taking me to a basketball game hopefully courtside seats. I may not know whats going on but heck it beats McDonalds 😂😂😂😂
So Mark and I had met at the club and our first day was amazing!! We went on a beautiful walk and he was amazing! So kind, cute, funny and he would have his arm around my waist or hold my hand. Yes I did get lucky 😍 and we had our first kiss at sunset.
hahaha McDonald's !
Keke enjoy my story!!!! . . . . . After meeting at Kcon and talking some more Jr. decided we should take a lovely walk to see the beautiful blooming flowers that grew on the trees. It soon became dark as we continue to talk some more. We were laughing and just having a great time. And just as the sun was about to set, he turned me around and stared into my eyes. He said, "Panou (my name), I never felt this was before. I.... I just don't know. You make me feel some type of way. I just can't explain it. Can... could... Ugh... how should I say this. Panou? Can I kiss you?" Clearly surprised I didn't know what to say. All I could do was nod. And nod I did. I mean, how could I not! He IS my bias is GOT7! Jr. slowly leaned in and all the while he never left eye contact with me. Just as he was closing in, I decided I should be the one to kiss him, not the other way around. I grabbed his neck as he leaned in and tip-toed to meet with his plump lips. As we parted away from the kiss we were left breathless. Wow, was all I could think of. 'Wow, I just kiss my bias. Wow, we just kissed. Oh my god!!! This is so embarrassing!!!!' Embarrassed I covered my face. I wanted to hide away from the world. Especially Jr. Oh my goodness, what did I just do! See in that I was embarrassed he took my hands into his and said, "Hey, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. If there's someone to be embarrassed that should be me! You're suppose to let the man kiss you not the other way around!" He pouted and pouted. I couldn't help but laugh. As we parted ways I smiled and waved bye. 'Wow, what an experience was that,' I smiled to myself.
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