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Quien luce mejor???????

que bien les queda el pelo corto!!aunque a mi me gusta mas Anne!
Muy glamour, las dos guapísimas
q flekillo mas cool1
hmmm las dos!
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The Outfits that Made "The Devil Wears Prada" the Greatest Fashion Film
The Devil Wears Prada is a beloved movie amongst fashion fans, chick flick lovers, and general movie watchers alike. The sharp and witty one-liners and retorts are enough to win over anyone, but the depiction of the frivolous, cut-throat, and nailbiting fashion industry is supreme, with Meryl Streep taking the reins as an Anna Wintour-like Miranda Priestly. Whether you're trying to work in fashion or just love seeing a great and glamorous look, this film is for you. Here are the outfits that make it worth a watch (and rewatch). Though some of the looks are a bit outdated in this movie, you can't go wrong in head-to-toe black, or a minidress, tights, and tall black boots. Andy's layered Chanel chains are the cherry on top of this timelessly chic outfit, and her twiggy legs in tights peeking out from her short skirt and duster make it just the tiniest bit sexy. Miranda's fashion sense is beastly always, as it should be for the character, but this is my favorite of her looks. The gold jacket and statement necklace have an ecclectic feel, and she wears them over an all-black ensemble to let them stand out. She has the most piercing gaze, but manages to wear pieces that are at once strong and intricately detailed. Emily's first outfit in the film is spot-on. Though her cropped jacket is a bit too 2000's (as was the movie), the bold silhouette and hardwear on her accessories give the look an edge that's still sleek, making her not just the typical fashion wannabe but a slave to fashion with a more nuanced and developed personal style. Both looks here are amazing. The contrast in Miranda's boss lady classic style and Andy's eager fashion servant wear is so great, but they both look beyond fashionable. Miranda's red belt as an accent is as commanding as she is, and Andy's preppy revealed collar and high ponytail make her look eager, put-together, and chic. The preppy jacket may be a bit outdated, but the thigh-high leather boots are to die for. "Are those the?" "The Chanel boots? Yeah." I can't go over the layered gold necklace, especially under Andy's sleek haircut and pristine bangs. Hats off to Patricia Field for nailing the wardrobe on this fashion favorite of a film.
Desenredante NATURAL para tu cabello
Ya que los productos de cabello de Europa y Estados Unidos no siempre están disponibles en Latino America , esta es una receta casera súper fácil para obtener el desenredante natural tanto para cabello alisado hasta afro natura, es muy fácil de hacer y los ingredientes se pueden encontrar en cualquier farmacia o súper. Sólo necesitas lo siguiente: - Jugo de Sábila 100% natural (aloe vera) - Aceite de aguacate puro (orgánico si es posible) - Un dispensador tipo spray Si eres de cabello seco/ normal como yo, puedes probar con vertir 1/3 de aceite de aguacate con 2/3 de jugo de sábila. Si tu cabello es super seco entonces prueba con mitad aceite y mitad jugo. Después de lavarte el cabello y enjuagar el acondicionador (siempre siempre debes usar acondicionador), toma el dispensador con tu fórmula y rocíalo por todo tu cabello. O mejor aún, divide tu cabello en 4 partes y ve rociándo y desenredando parte por parte. La sábila ayuda a suavizar el cabello para que sea fácil de desenredar mientras que el aceite de aguacate es el humectante natural ideal ya que no es extremadamente grasoso y a la vez te nutre el cabello de una manera excepcional. Durante la semana puedes seguir usando la mezcla hazta que vuelvas a lavarte el pelo, ya sea para facilitar el peinado en la mañana o antes de dormir (para las que tienen el cabello alisado) pueden rociar un poquito en las puntas y desenredar y luego ponerte rollitos. TIP EXTRA Lo crean o no, también se puede usar como hidratante para el rostro. para piel mixta o seca . Me gusta porque la sábila se siente refrescante y el aceite de aguacate humecta. Y en la mañana amaneces con la cutis super radiante.