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For all the ladies/gentlemen that need to hit the gym after an exhausting day of work--these are the go-to drinks for you not to miss the work out session! 1) Beet Juice Sip beet juice for a few days before your event and you may finish faster. Nitrate compounds are thought to improve blood flow to muscles. 2) Coffee Caffeine delays how quickly you have to use glycogen for energy, so you can Spin/lift/Zumba/[insert your fave workout here] even longer. 3) Chocolate Milk The combo of carbs and protein speedily repair (normal) post-workout micro-tears, reducing soreness. The magic window: within 45 minutes of your session. 4) Coconut Water Rich in potassium, this trendy low-cal water has been shown to minimize muscle cramps, making it ideal for sweaty yoga and Pilates classes. 5) Beer Endurance events can weaken your immunity, but anti-inflammatory compounds in non-alcoholic beer may thwart the effect. Source: Cosmopolitan.com
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Yup, beer before workout works!