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come on with those likes ;) Parasyte! this has got to be one of my tops due to how it changes your perspective of life on what it means to be human!
a secret must be kept at all cost...
humans are animals for self preservation...
100% lady killer ;)
guilty crown apocalypse virus! advance weaponry! a awesome love story! if you haven't watched guilty crown yet your missing out!!!
key players in the grand scheme...
destruction only lies ahead...
in the other world...
you guessed it yuyu hakusho or for short YOU YOU MUST WATCH SHOOO! This was the first anime that got me intrested in a Japanese stuff in general! who knew a dead guy could put up much of a show?
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Omg thank you for mentioning parasyte and guilty crown. I see the lack of ppl knowing guilty crown on the app 馃槩馃槩
right why couldn't they be 3x longer? Then again some great story's are not all ways long.
parasyte, I still need to finish
in my opinion parasyte was better than Tokyo ghoul..and add hunter x hunter there too..I think it's made by the same guy that made yu yu Hakusho
Yu Yu Hakusho is the shiznit