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I am 23 years old and just saying that out loud makes me feel ancient. I have an apartment, I have bills, I have two jobs, and I defiantly have the stress of someone who no longer has to ask their parents for permission...or help.
So I think its safe to say I should be an adult.
Except there are 5 very important things I should know by now....but just don't.

How to ask for something I want.

Maybe it's a raise, a new trainer at the gym, a cool way to spice up date night, or even just the corrected meal that I ordered, I still do not know how to ask for something that might trouble someone else. There is some childish part of me still lingering that is telling me that because I am not an established adult, I do not deserve to ask for something that isn't given to me.
But in this world, the only way to achieve success is to be proactive and demand it. Leave the timidness to the children.

Confidence in all decisions.

At this point in my life, I am making all of my own decisions so you would think that I would be able to be confident in exactly what I want for myself. Except as a newly out on my own pre-adult (like pre-teen except without the braces), I am still second guessing every decision I make.
But now is the time to be bold. To understand that mistakes are made and victories happen in the most bizarre places. Confidence is the only way to get through both success and failures.

Accepting who I am.

As a self proclaimed Vingle Body Positive extraordinare you would think that I would love every single part about myself. But unfortunately this is untrue. Parts of my self image have been left back in 2008 (sweet 16 for me), and things like crop tops still give me anxiety, friends still cause me to stress, and my biggest critic (aka me) sometimes finds its way to over shadow my biggest fan....also me!
And at 23, self love is of the utmost of importance because no one will be able to love, support, and cheer you up better than yourself.

Saying No.

As a "young adult" in the work place, we have been taught to do the bitch work, to take the insults, and to appreciate the hardest jobs because where the new ones and were just lucky to be here. And yes, sometimes you should be doing grunt work. But being young and new doesn't mean letting yourself get roped into doing something you feel uncomfortable with.
Know your self worth and the fact that your young mind will soon be replacing them.


I dont know how parents do it but they always somehow find a way to have 25,000 coupons turn into a savings of $150 every time they grocery shop. Maybe they plan out their meals weeks ahead or maybe they can just find a way to avoid the name brand chips (holla at me Doritos), but either way I just don't get it!
Please read the man v women as pre-adults vs parents.
I'm not sure if I'll ever have confidence in all my decisions. It's just the way life goes. I loved this though, the idea of never being sure is such a true and relatable thing. You are awesome!
I cam happily do most of these... much to some people's irritation
Who says you "should" know all of these things at or by the tender age of 23? People spend their whole lives figuring out who they are, where they're going, how to navigate decisions...big ones, small ones, scary ones. Life will change and morph around you, and you it. Allow yourself the leeway to adapt, make mistakes, change direction, change your mind...and to just NOT-KNOW. None of us really know, you're not alone. At twenty-three you have your whole life ahead of you. ENJOY as much and as many people/things/experiences as you can. Life will speed up, fast...then you'll be zooming uncontrollably toward mid-life with no brakes and no turning back. Thanks for great read! Go easy on yourself!! *smiles*
@ramia you know when parents go grocery shopping and they have coupons to get money off all the stuff on sale !! I always try to do that but I just never seem to be able to figure out how haha
I'm 50 and I still don't know those things
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